Here’s How

Have you ever stepped into a workplace that just feels different? Business is thriving, everyone is aligned around a common mission, and great ideas seem to come from everywhere — not just the boardroom. You may not be able to put your finger on it, but there is a palpable buzz in the air.

It’s the buzz of an extraordinary culture.


Valued Action you can take now. Culture is personal first. What YOU do as a leader really counts.

We recognize that the context for advancing a culture is unique to you and your organization and we create content accordingly. Subscribe to our blogs and podcasts. We’re confident that there’s some inspiration for you to put to work immediately. Most of our content is free to our followers.

When the time is right for you, you may choose to invest further in yourself through one of our fee based offerings . You may want to take a course (currently offered in person at Harvard, and more soon to be online here at Lorne Rubis.com). Or you may choose to employ some of our other services involving facilitation, consultation and/ or speaking. We also have some amazing products under development that will be released in 2020. One way or another, hanging out with us will ideally be a source of value for YOU and people you care for. Please abundantly share our offerings and content with others you know will benefit. 

Please note the 10 Elements of Adaptive Cultures below. They work together as a system, and yet, are independently powerful. The 10 Elements, when applied in organizations and embraced personally, generate results. Our content, based on research and practical experience, links to one or more of the 10 Elements. They are a continuum of advanced knowledge, and we enrich these constantly.

Spending time with us will put you in the forefront of culture strategy and tactics.

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Our Purpose: 

To help every person develop a unique and valued role in building extraordinary work cultures. We believe people have a right to work in great (not perfect) workplaces and with great (not perfect) leaders. 

Everything we do is dedicated to advancing, accelerating and helping others build extraordinary places to work and be. 

Our Promise: 

We care about you and your personal development. You want to get better and we expect to be a prime source for your growth. 

When you spend time with us, you will be inspired to take some valued action that makes a positive difference to you and others. Occasionally - perhaps often - this work will stretch you and be uncomfortable. We want that for you.

We want you to be confident that you’re learning from qualitative real-world experience and the latest quantitative research in support of our views.

Our Values: 

Everything at Lornerubis.com is based on the foundation of The Character Triangle. We are driven to be self accountable, respectful and abundant. Reading one or both of my books will outline our value set. 

Experience Aspirations for our site: 

  1. Create a WOW for followers each time they spend time with us 

  2. Deliver thought leadership through all of our content 

  3. Inspire our followers to act in highly impactful ways 

  4. Ensure our content is highly personal, yet widely applicable and scalable 

  5. Courageously have a view, and humbly recognize that it’s only one perspective 

  6. Help each of us become better people first - the foundation for extraordinary cultures 

  7. Share content that has real-world value based on work we’ve actually done 

  8. Invite us to all learn from each other 

  9. Be authentic and real ; no B.S. 

  10. Remind ourselves that every moment a follower spends with us is their personal investment and a privilege for us  

  11. Encourage all of us Think Big, Start Small and Act Now