Gain the tools to build an extraordinary workplace culture that promotes the advancement of your organization and people.

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Great leaders are learners. We run a series of courses designed for leaders who want to influence and develop organizational cultures, grow as leaders and deliver extraordinary results. The next course is a two-day program at Harvard University where you will learn the 10 Key Elements of an adaptive culture, understand organizational culture and why it’s important, explore the continuum of corporate culture and translate that understanding into action and impact.

Who should attend?

This program is designed for leaders and influencers who want to positively impact people and performance, better understand the risks and opportunities related to culture and make a difference in the culture of their organizations.

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Do you want a more specific and tailor-made culture and leadership journey for your organization? Build a custom plan for your team to drive results.

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Lorne understands HOW to implement culture transformation because he’s successfully done it throughout his career. That experience has given him a proven framework and set of principles regarding choosing the best tactics and timing uniquely applied to your situation. He leverages the relationship between advancing culture and improved business results. Connect with Lorne to find out how he might help you and your organization. His favourite mantra: Think Big, Start Small, Act Now.

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Inspire and challenge your teams to be great (not perfect) leaders and build excellent places to work and extraordinary cultures.

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Lorne is a dynamic speaker who inspires and challenges through storytelling. If you want your team fired up, and better equipped to take meaningful action, invite Lorne. If you want inspirational impact about great (not perfect) leadership and/or building extraordinary cultures, please connect with us.

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