20 Littles Become BIG

People often ask me what my guiding principles are, and here is a comprehensive response. I introduced them in our 1,000th blog post as 20 Rubis Maxims, and they warrant a little explanation: Here they are with a little “salsa.” 

1. The core values underlying personal character are found in the “Character Triangle:” Self-Accountability, Respect and Abundance

  • Understand and live by these three values with relentless consistency, and people will want to hang with you.

2. Think Big, Start Small, and Act Now. 

  • When you visualize a desired future state, always take a little step forward. Continuous forward movement makes dreams come true.

3. People deserve great (not perfect) leaders, and leaders have a responsibility to become great (not perfect). 

  • Imperfect but great leaders get continuous results, develop people and attract others. 

4. Leadership is a practice in itself. 

  • Consider leadership as a separate and distinct skill worthy of mastering. Consciously and continuously practice processes that make you a better leader. 

5. We all need to embrace a growth and disruptive mindset. 

  • Be fearless, and seek heat by getting to the uncomfortable edge. Deeply believe in your ability to learn. Get off the beaten path.

6. Be humbled by understanding: “The conversation is the relationship and the relationship is the conversation.” 

  • Reflect on the discussions you have with people to understand the strength of your personal connection.

7. The effectiveness of any relationship is based on following the process of connecting, understanding and acting (in that order). 

  • Personally connect before diving into content with anyone at anytime. 

8. Think exponentially and embrace the possibility of becoming 10x better. A breakthrough often comes from outside your current environment. 

  • Trying to be the same or just slightly better, means settling for average. 

9. Learning fast is more important than failing fast. 

  • The most important learning often awaits us on the heels of failure when we take the time to honestly reflect. 

10. All distrust and blame (especially self-blame) is wasteful. 

  • Distrust is also one of the biggest wastes and the most costly line item in every organization. Be positive and forward focused.

11. Everything is a process within a system. 

  • When we use the lenses of process and systems to understand, we can openly discuss and improve anything. When we embrace flow and connectivity we create more effectively. 

12. Care for others by being compassionate ,non judgmental, open, authentic and transparent in your relationship. 

  • Listen well and be kind by respectfully using straight talk to share your understanding and perspective.

13. Make ALL people feel like they belong and are good enough just the way they are, while inspiring them to continuously grow and develop.

  • Inclusion means creating and living in places that feel like they were made just for us. 

14. Humbly remember that your view is just one perspective in the world, and that others have one view too. 

  • Accept that the ability to thoughtfully change one’s perspective increases our IQ and EQ. 

15. Learn the power of being able to reframe. 

  • The ability to reframe allows us to create a narrative that is most constructive for each of us. 

16. Seek justice and fairness for all, especially the disadvantaged.

  •  Become an invited ally of people different than you. 

17. Have the courage to speak up for doing the right thing, even when it is perceived to be personally risky. 

  • A silent culture is a dangerous one. Be brave because the world needs your voice.  

18. Focus on what’s best for the greater good first. Be careful not to confuse fighting for the right thing with fighting to be right. 

  • Keep your ego in check. Your ego by itself is not you. Focusing on the right thing to do is never the wrong thing.

19. Use the momentum created by employing the phrases of “how might we?” and “have you considered?

  • Inviting others to co create with you usually accelerates everything and everyone. 

20. See EVERY person and personally show up to be seen. 

  • Recognize and appreciate ALL people every day. Have your own version of sharing a DWD (Darn Well Done). Remind ourselves that it is the human condition to love and be loved

We hope you will be inspired to consider applying ALL 20 Rubis Maxims.

As always Think Big, Start Small, Act Now. 

- Lorne 

One Millennial View: Thanks for elaborating and sharing more depth to these. What a great list to print out and hang up at your workplace for a reminder when necessary. 

- Garrett 

Blog 1,001. 

Edited and published by Garrett Rubis


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